• Introduction

    Tarjan Glass Ltd. offers household glassware made by traditional handmade method. We also undertake decoration of self-produced, bought or foreign glassware.

    Our main product line includes:

    • Mouth blown, hand made stemware
    • Mouth blown, hand made tumblers
    • Semi automatic bottles
    • Screen printing and other unique decoration

    Our company was established in 2011 to produce glassware based on 120 years of experience in glassmaking in Salgótarján; with modern technology, continuous innovation and development, and of course the great knowledge of our excellent glassmakers. Our goal is to offer a wide range of world-class quality products to our customers.

    Glass is a very special material - the miracle that turns dusty sand into crystal-clear shine. The factory's experts strive hard day by day to let this miracle happen again and again, and thus, help us make our environment more pleasant.

    The brand name of our products: TGD (Tarján Glass Design)

  • Hungarian Quality Product Award

    We are proud to announce that wine glasses from our serie 'Vitrum et Anima' were awarded the Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2013.


  • Visitor center and glass museum

    Unique to Hungary, we kindly await our guests with a complex visitor center for the glass industry: museum, factory visit and a retail shop awaits everyone who is interested in the creation of this beautiful material.


    The visitor's program takes about 45 minutes. Guests get to know the basics of glass making, the materials, the technology and the equipment. The actual production can also be seen from the gallery.

    The capacity for visitor groups is about 35 people. We offer a discount for group tickets.


    Please contact us for a scheduled visit!

  • Our history

    The earliest predecessor of Salgótarjáni Öblösüveggyár (Glass Factory of Salgótarján) was established on 10th December, 1893, as the sixth member of Egyesült Magyarhoni Üveggyárak Rt (United Hungarian Glass Factrories Corp). The bottle factory started under the name of Lukács Béla Huta. Everything was available for the successful operation in Salgótarján: excellent quality coal, quartz sand and railroad connection. In the first 20 years handmade mineral water-, beer-, liquor-, medicinal- and chemical bottles were sold. in 1897-98 the sales exceeded the amount of 4.7 million bottles.

    In 1904 the factory became independent and operated until 1909 March, when the Mühling Union Glasshutten Company (Czech) took over. By this time, some serious improvements started,like the Owens-system bottle blowing automat, which was unique in the country. It has been in use until 1958. Hand-blown glass production remained however, one of the most important processes.

    In 1948 the factory was taken over by the state. Two full reconstructions took place between 1952-70, in which new tubs, furnaces, production halls and offices were built, and new automatic machines were started up. The 1970s-80s were the golden age of the factory: it exported a wide range of high quality, handmade and machine made glassware worldwide.

    In 1992 the factroy was privatized like many of the country's industries. This independence came with a price though: although the factory gave 30% of the contry's glass production, the sharing of capital and assets haven't gone according to this. The company found itself in a very challenging financial status, undercapitalized.

    After multiple takeovers, the company was liquidated in 2006 and 2009.

    The decades of experience, professionalism and craftsmanship did not disapperar though. Local entrepreneurs in cooperation with the city of Salgótarján decided to re-establish the company with the former employees (and their experience), but on new production site and as a new company.

    This is how our company, Tarján Glass Ltd. was established. We are ought to continue the tradition of glassmaking, which has been done for over 120 years, with the help of the available workforce, its experience and craftsmanship; and to honor the heritage, which points back to 1893.


Phone: +36-32-511-515

E-mail: info@tarjanglass.hu

Address: 31 Budapesti Street,

Salgótarján HUNGARY 3104

Entry from the roundabout


Our wine glasses from the Vitrum et Anima serie were awarded the Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2013!

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