Information about decorating capacity

Our factory is equipped with modern ANTONINI-type annealing and decorating lehr, screen printer and tampon printer machines. We offer significant decorating capacity for our customers.

The main specifications:

  • Decorating methods: decals, screen printing, tampon printing, sandblasting
  • These technologies are especially good for customizing your products with logos and/or level marking
  • Decorable product size: max. 36 cm height
  • Decorable product types:
    • from small shot glasses to bigger beer glasses
    • glass bottles
    • glass vases, platters, bowls
    • china products
  • Firing temperature: max. 650 °C depending on the type of paint used
  • Other information:
    • our decorated products are cleanable in dishwasher. We also undertake decorating foreign (bought) glassware that are available for usage in horeca.
    • we also offer sampling if required

For more information and an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!